Advergames, In-Game Advertising, and Social Media Games

The goal of online advergames is to deliver a powerful message for the advertised brand and to achieve higher traffic on branded websites.  Because the focus is usually on a sole brand and the primary purpose is brand communication, it is distinct from in-game advertising.   Additionally, social media games are created to be played within existing major social networking websites such as Facebook.  These types of games using social connections have dramatically increased recently making them especially relevant to both academicians and practitioners.

So there is abundant opportunity for theoretical advancement (e.g., updating of existing theories and/or development of new theories, etc.) regarding advertising in computer games.  Likewise, for advertising practitioners an increased understanding of these advertising formats would be beneficial as well. Thus, this special issue is devoted to gaining a better understanding of this

form of advertising in the different types of computer games.  Research questions and topics that may be addressed include but are not limited to:
– Effectiveness of different types of computer games
– Need for entertainment/gaming engagement
– Factors influencing brand related persuasive power of IGA, advergames
and social media games (e.g. gaming experience, time, repetition, =85)
– Behavior initiated by IGA and advergames
– Reverse product placement of computer games
– Brand community building via computer games
– Brand related data mining in computer games

Submissions should follow the manuscript format guidelines for the *Journal
of Advertising* found at

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to and in the subject line type: Advergames, In-game Advertising and Social Media Games.

All submissions, reviewing, and notification regarding the special issue
will be conducted electronically.  Submission deadline: January 15, 2012.

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