The Media of the Metapolis: Reflecting the knowledge base of urban research

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 24.-26 May 2012

This conference will attempt in bringing together different perspectives, projects, and ideas on the recent and future development of urban  development, local politics, architectural and planning practices and theoretical interpretations of the media city. The main assumption of the conference is that in the light of the work of Francois Ascher and his understanding of the predominating construction of the so-called metapolis, understood as a description of contemporary cities.

The conference invites scholars from all relevant disciplines to send in abstracts related to the four main field of interest:

1.         Communicating the city

How do we understand the impact of the new technologies on the perception, reproduction, marketing, and identity? This workshop will enable a deeper discussion on what has changed with regard to the communication about the city and its political and societal understanding.

2.         The New Public of the City

How has the appearance of social media changes the way of planning and political perspectives on the city? This workshop is dedicated to the discussion of urban planning as a communicative process where the role of the media needs to be reviewed under the conditions of the new opportunities of the internet.

3.         Projecting Urban Future

The main question of this workshop is related to the new concepts developed with regard future urban development on the basis of technological innovations. The focus will lie on the subject of political, social and planning concepts that are looking on the emerging opportunities deriving from the information revolution for addressing the most important urban problems.

4.         Enhancing The Urban

This workshop seeks projects which are practice based or related reflections on ongoing projects trying to translate the new urban themes into artistic, architectural and planning experiments. It is especially calling for artists and media experimentalists to present recent projects.

Please send your abstract (max. 500 words) to:

Prof. Dr. Frank Eckardt

Applications close: 1st January 2012

Further information:

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