CTP for a special issue of “Communication Theory”

The aim of this special issue of Communication Theory therefore is to stimulate
debate by “Conceptualizing Mediatization” in a wider perspective. Within such a general scope, we invite manuscript submissions on the following non-exclusive list of topics:

• Re-thinking the complexity of mediatization.
• Theorizing historical dimensions of mediatization.
• Reflections on (trans-)cultural and (trans-)national aspects of mediatization.
• Mediatization as critical approach of media research..
• Mediatization in relation to other concepts of change within communication
and media research.

Manuscripts must be submitted no later than 1 April 2012 through the online system of Communication Theory. Submissions should indicate that authors wish to have their manuscript considered for the special issue. Manuscript inquiries should be sent to Nick Couldry (<n.couldry@gold.ac.uk>)

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