Invitation to Contribute to CSR Communication Book

Volume Title: Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility: lessons from theory and practice

Editors: Ralph Tench, Brian Jones and William Sun, Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business and academic issue that attracts significant interest and discussion across both practitioner (business) and academic contexts.  What is less explored is the role and impact that communicating messages about CSR play.  This edited collection of papers seeks to address this knowledge gap by helping to establish the communication of CSR as a field of study in its own right.

The remit of this book is therefore to better understand communicator’s role in sharing experiences of corporately responsible behaviour through CSR as well as the issues of CSI (Corporate Social Irresponsibility) which are evident through violations, wrongdoings and poor business practices especially those that impact negatively on society and the broader environment. There is a need to academically benchmark the role of communication of CSR so as to better understand how business practices might manage and improve performance.

Please e-mail for a full brief to:

Dr Brian Jones, Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK


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