A Special Issue of Human Interaction: Transnational HCI: Humans, Computers and Interactions Considered Globally

The focus of this special issue is on the relations between transnational processes and technology practice, design and research. We are especially interested in characterizing the theoretical, methodological, and empirical challenges of our work in transnational settings in a way that will be useful for future research and design in this area. Examples of topics that fall into the scope of this special issue include but are not limited to:

• The network society: global flows, frictions and politics in local-global technology use
• Cross-cultural collaboration and culture as encounter
• Communication and collaboration across boundaries (not just the nationstate)
• Diaspora communities, the politics of international migration, and technology
• Use of information and communication technologies in censorship state zones
• Role of information and communication tech.s  in reconfiguring “the local”
• Political, local and translocal in new technological sites
• Technology design and use in constructing, reproducing, or enforcing notions of global connectedness or local community
• The role of technology in preserving versus undermining cultural identity
• Mobility  in constructing or moving between the local and the global
• Methods for analysis and design in complex,  or virtual transnational spaces
• The relationship between the researcher, designer and user in transnational collaborative projects

Deadline for proposals: December 1, 2011

Submission of proposals
Proposals should be at least 1000 words and provide a clear indication of what the paper will be about. Proposals should be submitted by email to the special issue editors (transnationaltimes@gmail.com).

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