The News of the World in History


Founded in 1843, The News of the World was one of the UK’s longest-running Sunday newspapers when it came to its inauspicious end in the summer of 2011. Gone, but not forgotten, the NOTW continues to be of interest as the full ‘story’ of the hacking scandal is revealed in the wake of parliamentary and other investigations. The NOTW will continue to make the news for some time to come.

We seek papers that take a historically informed view of any relevant topic, including the following:

*    ‘Sensation’ journalism

*    Investigative journalism

*    The history of ‘hacking’

*    Circulation and mass readership

*    Globalization and media structures

*    Celebrities, now and then

Throughout media coverage of the paper’s demise in 2011, there were surprisingly few discussions that took a historical view or sought to understand the title within the framework of media history. This day conference seeks to redress that, while considering a range of issues related specifically to the title, since the mid-19th century.

Please send proposals (not more than 250 words) for papers to Mark W. Turner by 15 November 2011:

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