Call For Articles – Besides the Screen: The Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption of Moving Images

New media technologies impact cinema well beyond the screen; they also promote the reorganization of its logic of distribution, modes of consumption and viewing regimes. Once, it was video and television broadcast that disturbed the traditional cinematographic experience,
revealing the image as soon as it was captured and bringing it into the audience homes. Nowadays, computer imaging and information networks cause an even stronger disturbance to the norms of the medium, by increasing the public agency in the dynamics of the movie market. In this context, much is said about the in-betweeness of the medium. However, not much attention is given to the actual state of the image in these moments of dislocation, transition, translation,
codification and decodification.

Chapter proposals should be submitted in electronic format by 11th
November to Authors whose abstracts are shortlisted for inclusion in the proposal will be notified by 12th December 2011. Full articles should be submitted by April 2012. The exact timeframe for publication will be available once a publisher is secured.

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