Call For Papers: Sport, Gender and Media

We invite all postgraduate and early career researchers interested in gendered aspects of sport to a one-day interdisciplinary conference. This is a growing academic field which addresses important questions about equality, public health, representation, participation, citizenship and fair play.  The conference will be interdisciplinary, and welcomes contributions from many fields in order to foster understanding of, and promote relationships between a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

For more information, including notification dates and cost of attendance, please visit our website:

CFP deadline: 12th December 2011

Academy of Marketing Conference 2012

The UK Academy of Marketing 2012 conference, Marketing: catching the technology wave, and the Academy of Marketing Doctoral Colloquium are being hosted by the University of Southampton’s School of Management from 2nd – 5th July 2012.
Marketing activities play a central role in delivering value to both customers and shareholders and it is evident that digital technology plays a significant part in this; data and its analysis provides the platform for strategic marketing decisions; digital communications enables and enhances the co-creation of value, brands and building relationships. So where are the conceptual models that fit this reality? Where is the academic research that makes sense of this digital tidal wave? AM2012 – if you are there!
The Doctoral Colloquium is taking place 2nd – 3rd July and the main conference from the 3rd – 5th July 2012 at the University of Southampton’s Highfield Campus.
The deadline for submission of papers is Friday 30th December 2011.
Conference Chair Bev Hulbert
Programme Co-chair Paul Harrigan
Programme Co-chair Lisa Harris
Doctoral Colloquium Chair Nina Reynolds
More information about the conference can be found at

Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies | Working Group 1


The Special Issue aims to develop a candid and constructive dialogue between different scholarly approaches to the exploration of audience practices. We seek contributions which reflect on and implement multi-method approaches to all aspects and dimensions of the practices and sense-making activities of media audiences and users. One particular area of interest is the exploration of cross-media audiences with mixed methods, but the Special Issue is open to other kinds of audience research which have adopted a multi-method approach. For further information about submission of long abstracts and deadlines, please see

Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin’den yeni kitap

İletişim Fakültesi öğretim üyesi Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin’in “Can Çekişen Bir Meslek Üzerine Son Notlar”  adlı kitabı Say Yayınlarından çıktı. Tanıtım metni aşağıdadır:

“Can Çekişen Bir Meslek Üzerine Son Notlar’da Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin gazetecilik mesleğinin geçirmekte olduğu ağır hastalığı ele alıyor ve soruyor: Gazetecilik ölüyor mu? Daha da önemlisi, gazeteciliğin öldüğü bir toplumda ya da dünyada demokrasi yaşayabilir mi?

Şahin, kendi yaşadıklarından da yola çıkarak gazeteciliğin ağır hastalığının nedenlerini ve olası sonuçlarını analiz ediyor. Bir yandan geçmişe bakıp, Babıâli’nin 1980’den bu yana serüvenini çarpıcı gözlemlerle anlatırken, bir yandan da gözlerini geleceğe çevirerek Twitter’lı, Facebook’lu, Youtube’lu bir dünyada demokrasinin ve ifade özgürlüğünün olanaklarını sorguluyor. Sonuçta karşımıza Türkiye’de ve dünyada medyanın bunalımını ve bu bunalımın demokrasi ile ilişkisini çeşitli boyutlarıyla ele alan bir kitap çıkıyor.

Kitapta şu soruların da yanıtı var: Türkiye’de basına karşı tasarlanan dört darbe girişiminden hangisi başarılı oldu? Niçin ve nasıl? Uğur Mumcu ‘bilgi sahibi olmadan fikir sahibi olunmaz’ derken ne demek istiyordu? Nedim Şener’e Viyana’da Dünya Basın Özgürlüğü Kahramanı ödülü verilen toplantıda neler oldu? Özgür gazeteciliğin manifestosunu kim dile getirdi? Günümüzde medya demokratik görevlerini yerine getiriyor mu? Getiremiyorsa, neler yapılabilir?

Prof. Dr. Şahin yeni kitabında iletişim alanındaki gelişmelere kafa yoran herkesi zorlayan sorulara yanıtlar öneriyor.”

Special edition of PRism: Exploring power and public relations Editors

Call for papers
Many view public relations as a “powerful” profession, one that has a privileged role in setting communication agendas, and solving problems, in business, sport, culture, and politics. So the public relations practitioner stereotype is one who wields power, holds “secrets” that help businesses survive in troubled economic times, assists celebrities work their way out of their personal crisis, and coaches people such as Rupert Murdoch and his son
James to negotiate their way through Parliamentary committee hearings.
Practitioners, or at least that variety known as media advisers and ‘spin doctors’, are often characterised as wizards possessed of potent magic to “manage the media” and thus to control the 24/7 news cycle.

Submissions for review should be sent to James Mahoney at:
*              Submission deadline: 30 November 2011
*              Anticipated publication date: June 2012
Submissions for academic papers should be 5,000 words and practitioner papers between 2,500-3,000 words maximum.
Submission terms and conditions are at:

17th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications – Rennes, France; 19-21 April 2012

In an era when citizens increasingly distrust businesses, institutions, governments and the political process, practitioners and academics need to devise new strategies, models, processes, systems and practices to move communication forward. The focal point of the 2012 CMC conference lies in analyzing past, present, and future trends in corporate and marketing communications. Have some communications practices proved inadequate? Which critical changes are needed? What is the role of corporate and marketing communications in reinvigorating businesses, societies and economies? How can communications help rebuild trust in brands and institutions?

For details of conference tracks and detailed submission guidelines, visit the conference website:

The conference organisers can be contacted at

Sustainable Development of Markets and Marketing Systems in a Globalized World


Sustainable Development of Markets and Marketing Systems in a Globalized World

June 13 – June 16, 2012

Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Call for Papers


Macromarketing has become an established domain of marketing science. But still little is known about the linkages between the practices of individuals and organizations as actors in markets on the one and the market process as an overall coordination mechanism on the other hand. Furthermore, modern marketing systems are characterized by an increasing importance of consumer and business services as well as of global supply chains. Accompanied by a growing weight of emergent markets new challenges for the sustainable development of markets and marketing systems in a globalized word arise.


Submissions of competitive papers should be sent no later than Monday, January 9, 2012.

Full information available at