International Conference: Matters of Journalism – Understanding Professional Challenges and Dilemmas

The Polish Communication Association and the Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism at the University of Gdansk invite paper and panel proposals for the international conference entitled “Matters of Journalism: Understanding Professional Challenges and Dilemmas” which will take place in Gdansk (14-15 September, 2012).

Journalism has experienced several transformation periods so far: every new medium brought new challenges for journalism practice. What is new this time, is the fact the audience members joined the newsgathering, production and dissemination process. So-called “citizen journalism” has been the subject of different studies for a couple of years now. The findings have showed that new technologies in the media allowed people to act like journalists and to some extent play their roles. However, the general conclusions seem to be rather optimistic for professional journalists. They may not be the only sources of information about the events around the world now, but they are still major gatekeepers. In fact, since the international flow of information significantly extended in the last decade and the number of information is more overwhelming than ever before, most of the audience members desperately need someone who will be able to select and order the events for them.

The aim of this conference is to contribute to our understanding of powers that influence journalism standards and routines. Hence, the participants of the conference will concentrate on such ‚traditional’ issues as: relations between politics and journalism, market – related aspects of journalism, organizational and professional factors. Furthermore, the questions about a digital challenges for the journalism practice will be raised. In order to do this, the conference will bring together a range of international scholars, drawn from representative disciplines in the media studies and journalism. The key questions during the debates would concern the roles of journalists. Who are they now? What are the audiences’ expectations towards journalists? What is the future of this profession?

We invite paper and panel proposals that cover the main themes below: 

1. Traditional and contemporary models of journalism 

2. Professional standards and values 

3. Professional roles and identities

4. Journalism and politics 

5. The changing business of journalism 

6. Journalism practice around the world 

7. Digital challenges for journalism practice 

8. Online journalism 

9. Citizen journalism 

10. Ethics in new media 

11. The future of journalism 

12. Local journalism

Conference submission

1. Individual paper: please submit an abstract (of max. 500 words) followed by the short biographical note (up words: name, surname, position, institution, address, e-mail) by 15 January, 2012.

2. Panel submission: please submit a panel rationale (of max. 500 words), followed by 75 – word panel description and 150 word – abstracts of the papers (max 4 papers per panel) by 15 January, 2012.

Notification of accepted papers will be sent out by 15 March, 2012.

Conference Date: 14 – 15 September, 2012, Gdansk (Poland)

All correspondence should be addressed to: 

More information:

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