The Spring 2011 Issue of ECREA Newsletter is Out!

The Spring 2011 issue of the ECREA Newsletter has been published.

 It features a round-up of the association’s activities including recent publications, ongoing initiatives, and forthcoming events that will take place in 2011 and the ECC 2012. You can check out for the details on ECREA 2012 Conference that will be held in October 2012 here.

Table of contents

European Communication Conference 2012, Istanbul

– ‘Social Media and Global Voices’
– Host: the Turkish Communication Research Association
– Conference Organising Committee

Sections and Networks conference reports
– Audience and Reception Studies
First conference of COST Action IS0906 in partnership with ECREA, ICA and IAMCR, Zagreb, April 7-9, 2011
– Central and East-European Network: Central and East-European Network Panel in Krakow
– Organisational and Strategic Communication:
ECREA OSC 2011 Workshop
– Science and Environment: AthenaWeb
– Launch of the International Environmental Communication Association

Sections and Networks future conferences
(For an updated calendar of these events, you may also visit this page:

Time for Creative Interconnections: Latin-American & European Cross-Fertilizations in Communication and Media Studies.
A joint ALAIC-ECREA panel at IAMCR Istanbul 2011.
Conveners: Nico Carpentier & Fernando Oliveira Paulino.
– Rationale
– Panel abstracts

– Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction, Call for Papers: Special Issue of Empedocles
– Media Studies/Medijske Studije

New books from members
– Media and Participation. A site of ideological-democratic struggle, by Nico Carpentier
– Radio Content in the Digital Age: The Evolution of a Sound Medium, edited by Angeliki Gazi, Stanislaw Jedrzejewski and Guy Starkey
– The Social Use of Media. Cultural and Social Scientific Perspectives on Audience Research, edited by Helena Bilandzic, Geoffroy Patriarche and Paul J. Traudt
– Dictionnaire du journalisme et des médias, by Jacques Le Bohec

ECREA Book Series: forthcoming
– Trends in Communication Policy Research
– Citizen Voices: Performing Public Participation in Science and Environment Communication

> Download the Spring 2011 ECREA Newsletter (pdf, 2 Mb)

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