Call for papers: Public Relations International Review

Call for papers

Public Relations International Review

Recently, it has been published the first issue of Public Relations International Review, a biannual electronic publication, edited by the Institute for Research in Public Relations (IIRP). It was created to assist in the dissemination of scientific knowledge in Public Relations among researchers, professors, students and professionals, as well as to become a common space for exchange and debate on Public Relations.

The main areas of interest of this journal are political communication, communication cabinets, CSR, organizational communication, communication and new technologies, research and evaluation, tourist communication, issues management, international public relations, … and others areas of public relations, accepting unpublished and original works on the mentioned topics. Also, we accept book reviews which can be of interest to the scientific community.

The first issue is was devoted to “The International Panorama of Public Relations” for which prominent international academics and researchers collaborated, namely Arlette Bouzon; María Aparecida Ferrari; Margarida M.Krohling Kunsch; Maria Antonieta Rebeil Corella, Rebeca Arévalo Martínez, Guillermo Lemus Legaspi; Katia Muñoz, Ricardo Lhur; Manuel Parés i Maicas; Antonio Castillo Esparcia; Jairo Lugo-Ocando; Agrivalca Canelón and Sandra Orjuela.

Currently, the call of papers for the next issue is open, whose main topic will be Communication Management. As well, it is possible to send proposals on other topics related to Public Relations and Communication. Original articles are accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. The deadline for submitting a paper is October 31, 2011 and the submission of originals articles will be made through the online platform of the journal


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