CFP: Society for Cinema and Media Studies

The “Host City”: Media Festivals and Urban Spaces
Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Boston, MA, March 21-25, 2012
The panel invites papers on relationships between film and media
industry festivals and the urban, sub-urban or rural communities that
claim them.
As film and media festivals of all stripe proliferate around
the world, a variety of stakeholders jockey for position and advantage
in the geographical and cultural contexts chosen to host them. Many of
these events are well-established and have assumed a defensive position
aimed at maintaining brand identity and prestige. Others are ascendant,
still others nascent at best. Each of these communities, however, have a
unique relationship to their event(s), and each of these relationships
provides fertile ground for investigating the role of media festivals in
promoting discourses of community identity, establishing infrastructural
networks, reifying the importance of being mediated, utilizing the
“local” to speak “globally”, and a variety of other processes. Case
studies on particular events/locations, comparative analyses, and
attempts to theorize the event-location relationship are welcome, among
other approaches.
Send abstracts of 250 words plus a short bio to by August 15, 2011.

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