Özge Özdüzen Participated AVANCA/ CINEMA 2011

AVANCA/ CINEMA 2011: 2nd International Conference Cinema- Art, Technology, Communication was held in Portugal in 24-25 July 2011. Media and Communication Systems research assistant Özge Özdüzen presented a paper on the popular Turkish television series Behzat Ç.. Here is the abstract of her presentation:

Contemporary Archetypes of New Cinema and TV Series in Turkey: Situating The Crime Thriller Behzat Ç.

Right after the end of Yeşilçam era (roughly the era between the 1950’s and 1980’s in Turkish cinema) and due to the emergence and mushrooming of private channels in Turkey, beginning with the end of 1980’s, previous spectators of Yeşilçam films turned to TV series. In this presentation, the main aim is to analyze the contemporary Turkish crime thriller Behzat Ç. (2010-2011) through the lens of contemporary archetypes of New Turkish Cinema and TV series. In doing it, I attempt to define five main contemporary archetypes; three of them male archetypes, two of them female archetypes. These archetypes are the desolate men, substitute fathers, street kids, evil women and silenced women. I argue that, these common characters as repeting motives in Turkish films and TV series, which are also indispensible parts of Turkish social fabric and every day life practices in Turkey, are in a process of becoming “contemporary archetypes”. In this respect, the mass appeal of Behzat Ç., I believe, lies in its being a culmination of these widely known and appreciated archetypes. This is not to differentiate Behzat Ç. from the rest of the films and TV series, but it is to remark its singularity and also to analyze it in line with other contemporary films and TV series.

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