CFP: Academic Quarter – journal for research from the humanities

With this special issue on Journeys Academic Quarter invite abstracts across the humanistic disciplines to focus on the journey as focal point and the human element in its centre. With this broad frame of incentive we call for articles on related categories and subcategories like literary forms/genres comprising everything from scientific or religious traveling to famous movie site tourism or colonial motivated mobility or subjects that involve cultural aspects, images of identity/identification and imaginary encounters that are mediated through journeys.The editors invite articles from scholars across the humanities and social sciences.
Suggestion for articles, including an abstract of 150 words to be mailed to Rune Andersen and Knud Knudsen no later than October 1st 2011. Accepted articles – using the Harvard System Style Sheet – to be mailed to the editors no later than January 1st 2012. Articles will then be reviewed anonymously. The articles should be around 15,000-25.000 keystrokes. The issue will be published in the Spring of 2012.

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